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Rihanna & Chris Brown are back together....Abuse Is Not Okay

Reblogged from preciousstone     In Feburary 2009 the entire world found out that R&B singer Chris Brown had beaten up his girlfriend Rihanna after an arguement.I…
Dria Dec 02, 2012 Originally by preciousstone

Ginta Lapina by Matt Irwin for Flair December 2012 | Photoshoot

Ginta Lapina by Matt Irwin for Flair December 2012 | Photoshoot
Dria Nov 28, 2012
Dria Nov 27, 2012
Dria Nov 27, 2012
I don't mind,you're someone that ain't mine.But someone that I'll get...pic


If you're into fashion,particularly dresses/gowns you are going to love this site.I've already uploaded some 2009 prom dresses from the site and most of you…
Dria Jun 19, 2009

Which Modeling Picture Is The Best

I love collecting modeling pictures and I want to know which one you guys think it the most prettiest,unique,best clothing,has the best pose,lighting,anything you can…
Dria Jun 13, 2009

Which Of These " Year " Playlists The Best ?

We all love songs that take us back to past years & great moments
Dria May 25, 2009

List Of My Favorite Dance Songs

nbsp;     My best friend got me hooked to DANCE MUSIC in late 2008.I absolutely love it!The singers have incredible voices.I wish they had a radio…
Dria Jan 01, 2009
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